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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy 


What Real Fast Auto Glass does with your personal information.Scottsdale Auto Glass Privacy Policy

Fact 1.
Companies can share customers personal information for specific reasons.

Fact 2.
Some but not all companies share customers personal information to run their everyday business.

Fact 3.

Companies reserve the right and reason why they share customers personal information.

Fact 4.

If a company decides to share your personal information you have the option to limit sharing for specific reasons.

Does Real Fast Share your personal information?

To complete an insurance claim on your behalf?

For marketing purposes to offer you new products and services.

Who is providing this notice?
Real Fast Auto Glass
Why is Real Fast Auto Glass giving this notice?
It is required by federal lass.

What information does Real Fast Auto Glass collect and share. This information can include,

Your name and address
Your policy number
Your email address
Your VIN number

Can I limit sharing of my personal information.

If we do not process an insurance claim we will not share your information. Therefore there is no reason to limit your information.

You cannot limit sharing of your personal information if we process an insurance claim on your behalf.

Does Real Fast Auto Glass sell my personal information for profit.


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